Swiss artist Sassy J is like a rainbow on a sunny day. Her creative approach canvases everything she touches from DJ sets, illustrations and hand-sewn fashion. Her Bern-based night Patchwork Night is almost a decade strong, and attracts a loving crowd of those who simply love music.

Since a stint at Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne, Sassy J has moved around the globe; London’s Plastic People, Benji B’s Deviation Night, Barcelona’s Sonar Festival or the Worldwide Festival in Sète. 

We had a chat with her about her inspirations and moods in the lead up to her CDR Berlin appearance on June 5th

You have so many talents and projects on the go. How do you balance it all?

There’s the right moment for everything. I just go with the flow with the feeling and do it with all my love. I might have met somebody that inspires me and I want to sew a piece of clothing for. There sometimes is a thought on my mind I want to lay down on textiles, or a piece I want to wear for a certain moment/event. Some pieces are done just after they got into my mind. Others have to wait until the time is right. There are times I don’t sew at all and do only mixes and DJing.

Whenever I’ve got an artist that is dear to me and I have the venue ,the date, I nail it down and get them over. In the past I did Patchwork Night monthly, last year I only had two nights. I just keep things in the moment and do what feels best to me.

What’s happening right now project wise?

I am very honored and exited to release a mixtape on The Trilogy Tapes label next month! Patchwork Night has a new home as well and will be on more frequently again. Plus I am also looking forward to doing some record and clothing artwork for a great artist….

There is a lot of aesthetic inspiration on your website. What is inspiring you sonically?

Any sound that makes me feel good; alive sounds with high frequencies. All sounds that inspire, move and elevate me. Sounds that make me forget all that is around me, telling me a story, taking me to known and unknown places or to places I somehow know, but didn’t remember.

What is the story behind Patchwork Night?

It started all started back in 2005. From IG Culture to Georgia Anne Muldrow, Gifted&Blessed, Moodymann or I:Cube & Dego; plenty of my favourite artists performed there. A music lover’s night where b-boys and girls, dancers, ravers, diggers, artists, musicians, friends and open minded people get down. Whether it is sold out or has thirty people, we always know how to party, get together and have a good time. It’s a night dedicated to the love of music.

What have been the highlights over the years?

Steve Spacek & Baatin, Theo Parrish, MF DOOM, Little Dragon, but every night has meant the world to me!

So when and where did you first hear about or attend CDR?

I think that must have been back in 2006 at Plastic People. I used to go to many CO-OP Nights at Plastic and that’s how I found out about CDR.

What do CDR Berlin attendees have in store for them when you visit on June 5th?

A very big smile and a bag full of tunes for the spirit, body and soul.

Have you any advice or words of warning for musicians developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

There’s the right moment for everything. Work on your dreams, do better. The love for your music is yours. There’s nothing between you and music. You’ll always have this treasure.

Keep tabs on Sassy J via her Soundcloud and Website.

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