Facilitating generations of music creators, shaping a focused and fulfilling future.

We programme regular offline events (Sessions) to connect our growing Community and network of creators including producers, artists, labels and new music fans.




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Works In Progress

To stimulate progress Sessions always feature ‘Open CDR’ a platform for new music to be heard, an exclusive DJ performance of tracks submitted for the night. it’s a chance to compare/contrast and make firm decisions to these  ‘Works in Progress’ on a great Sound system in a supportive environment..Often ‘rough at the edges’ this set often changes perceptions of what is deemed ‘finished’

We often ask the Community to share the experience.


Sessions also include technical insights from friends and like-minds keen to share their take on industry, music production process, or career journey thus far

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We also use Radio and online streaming services to help define and contextualise the vision.

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To extend our commitment we develop and deliver Projects in collaboration with venues, promoters, brands, Agencies and kindred organisations

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We release a range of music, audio and products that reflect our commitment to sharing of knowledge, experiences and expertise

Sessions are held regularly in London, Berlin, Toronto and Melbourne with more in the works….

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