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  • Preamble – Rose Bonica

    Ahead of our first Joburg session of the decade, we caught up with Cape Town producer Rose Bonica on synths, Sleaford Mods and the independent struggle.   How has your music production process evolved over time? I have become more thoughtful about the quality of the sound, but in general, I am still a frenetic

  • Preamble – Kwake Bass

    Ahead of our session with drummer and producer Kwake Bass at Rye Wax next week, we caught up real quick with the hugely charismatic South Londoner.   How has your music production process evolved over time? Were you a musician or producer first? YES. I started on drums aged 5. Then stopped at 14 to

  • Preamble – Hector Plimmer

    Ahead of this week’s special ablum listening session with south London’s Hector Plimmer; we caught up with the multi-talented producer to angle in on just where his musical development has stemmed from over the past year.   Your session with us in April 2018 was not long after the release of your first full-length record

  • Fearless Few Challenge #35: The Woods EP Remix Competition

    Tackle ‘Night Silk Threads’ Further strengthening the family ties between the two initiatives, CDR and production challenge collective The Fearless Few are pleased to offer you the opportunity to remix ‘Night Silk Threads’, the latest EP by Scottish vocalist, multi-instrumental live loop artist & producer Johnny McFadzean aka The Woods, co-produced and mixed by none

  • Preamble – Ben Hauke

    Tomorrow the CDR team heads down to Brainchild 2019, an amazing weekend of music, art, theatre and education, after a joyous introduction last year, to the community inherent festival. Ahead of a day of creative expression at the Cinetarium and Lemon Lounge, including hands-on sessions, Open CDR and an artist talk sandwiched in between; we

  • MY FIRST CDR: Scrimshire

    We were pretty pleased here in CDR HQ to hear that Scrimshire had new music in the works, and from what we’ve peeked so far is sounding pretty tasty, aside from his brilliant recent release with Emma Jean-Thackray. A producer, mix engineer, label head and artist, Adam has done it all in his time working

  • Preamble – Ikonika

    As usual, we had a catch up with Ikonika ahead of her session – in conversation with Shy One at Rye Wax on 17th April:   How has your music production process evolved over time? Were you a musician or producer first? I was actually a drummer first. I used to play in Hardcore and


    Sean Keating aka Born Cheating whilst juggling his time as a DJ, running his label Tiff’s Joints, playing as part of sonic-invasion band Lunch Money and a Touching Bass family member; has also found a little time to make some of his own music over the years. Keating is yet to reveal all to the


    Last month CDR hosted its hallmark evening of open discussion and sharing followed by an Open CDR session in the city of Johannesburg. We were lucky enough to have the talented and lovely human Dion Monti taking care of proceedings in the run up and throughout the night; and whilst we missed Kid Fonque in

  • Preamble – Tenderlonious

    As per CDR session usual, we had a little catch up with Tenderlonious ahead of his session at The Glove That Fits next week:   How has your music production process evolved over time? Were you a musician or producer first? Producer first. I lacked musicianship in the early days so I made a decision