jazzanova CDR Berlin
jazzanova CDR Berlin

When CDR Berlin met Jazzanova and Paul Randolph

Back in May 2012, Axel Reinemer and Stefan Leisering (two-fifths of Jazzanova) and Paul Randolph visited CDR Berlin to share their expertise and announce that their song ‘I Human’ would be available to remix. In July, Jazzanova selected their five favourites which you can hear here along with two other notable entries. A quick warning, maybe space out your listening so as to get the most from Paul Randolph’s vocal. 

And a couple more submissions also worth a listen, as Paul Randolph says, “Share the rhythm and rhyme!”

Danke lots to all those who participated and special congratulations to those Jazzanova picked. More CDR remix projects to come as and when. Once ready to go we’ll let you know. Scroll down and hit play for footage of Paul, Axel and Stefan with Dirk.

And from the Archives..