Dimension Sounds: the Release

Dimension Sounds is out! And, wow, that feels good to say. It’s been quite the ride since we embarked on our producer project with Dimensions Festival earlier in the year, from receiving a stack of excellent entries to determining the final 14 and now, the move from Create, Define, to Release. 

The album begins with daytime ‘Reflection’ (by Johnboy Brown) then ebbs and flows through styles and tempos; culminating with sunrise affirmations in K15‘s ‘Life Pulse’. We could enthuse more but better you listen in. Preview snippets of the songs via the Bleep link or in our selection of features with the artists. A warm-up mix of the full release soon come.

To order a copy check the release page at Bleep.com (click click!).


Dimension Sounds cover


Adding to the excitement, two songs from Dimension Sounds feature in the Dimensions Festival 2013 highlights video. (Props to Mahs and Pearlcorder!) See/hear!

Roll on Dimensions Festival 2014, details of CDR’s involvement coming when we can share the news.


Tracklist + Credits

1. Johnboy Brown – Reflection (original)
2. The Energy – Breathe
3. Shatter Hands – Knifin’ Around
4. Cuetec – Fantasia
5. Tonic – Helios
6. Donalds House – Bill and Ted
7. Wilf Mason – Be the part
8. Pearlcorder – State Off
9. Mahs – 1m
10. Cl_yde – Shadwell
11. DJ Lom – Twister
12. Hugo Slime – Up to One Level
13. effgee – Step Further
14. K15 – Life Pulse

Project orchestration: Tony Nwachukwu and Ben Verghese

Album Mastering: John Flynn (Balance Mastering)

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