CDR x Dimensions Festival family: The Invisible

Are The Invisible a supergroup? If not, why not? When you look at the individual involvements of the trio, Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert and Leo Taylor, the list of who they’ve played with is crazy. And together they excel. Just listen to Rispah,  one of the LPs of 2012/13. In eager anticipation of what the band will bring to the Adriatic coastline in a couple of weeks time, we caught up with drummer, Leo. 

Festivals on the Croatian coast have become something of a go to European summer event, have you attended any before?

We did a few Croatian festivals in 2004/5 with a singer called Bembé Segué! That was before Croatia became such a festival destination I guess. I haven’t been to any of the new wave of festivals so we are very excited to be playing Dimensions this year.

Is there one song you’re especially excited to perform/play to the Dimensions Festival crowd this year?

We have recently been playing a version of a great remix Floating Points did of our track ‘Wings’ from our album Rispah which has been getting nice reactions live! We love reinterpreting our music when we play live and it’s always nice to reinterpret a reinterpretation!

From the long list of acts and artists on the Dimensions line-up, is there anyone you’re hoping to see?

Tony Allen! He’s has been and will continue to be a BIG influence and inspiration to all three of us. I’ve studied his rhythms a lot over the years and he’s a bit of a hero of mine. Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Daphni sets are amazing obviously and I’m really looking forward to seeing the very talented Floating Points and Fatima, both of whom I’ve recorded drums for recently.

What do you think help makes boat parties special? Any top tips?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a boat party so my tips may be a bit out dated but champagne, great music, a good crowd and a sober captain are essential!

And, while laid out on the sand/in the sun, what will you be reading and/or listening to?

Sadly we won’t be there long enough to enjoy such things as we fly in for our show and out the next day but if I was i’d be reading an amazing book called How to Wreck a Nice Beach by Dave Tomkins about the invention of the Vocoder as a voice scrambling tool during World War II and it’s subsequent use as a musical tool by people like Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa. And maybe listening to Zapp!

 The Invisible will perform live at Dimensions Festival in The Clearing on Sunday 8th September.

Thanks to Ayian Camcam for her photo of Leo in action from the Boiler Room last year. 

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