CDR at Late at Tate Britain


CDR at Tate Britain (2009) – Words: Tony Nwachukwu

Room 9, Wow! Putting on a CDR in a space which holds valuable paintings, that was something! We were invited to host room 9 at Tate Britain which was part of an evening of activity which ran all through the Tate. This event, with Soundspecies and Dorian Concept live plus Mark Pritchard DJing, was put on in association with arts outfit the Delphina Organisation and the entire event was open to the public. This event explored the notion of Altermodern, which you can read more about here, and we represented the remix culture side of things.

It was amazing to hear our kind of music in a room full of £multi-million paintings. We’re interested in bringing our people and music to new places, at the Tate was one of those amazing moments. The challenges were we had to ensure there were no sub frequencies in case they made impact on the paintings, so sound issues were a problem – damn, the paintings might have cracked! Luckily they didn’t.  Check out the video below to see what went down.

Photos from the night here.