CDR at Strøm Preamble: dBridge

Bad Company, Exit Records, Club Autonomic… If you’ve an ear on underground UK music scenes over the past decade (and some) you’ve surely listened and danced to dBridge.  Able to maintain a distinct voice when varying the style and tempo, dBridge continues to challenge conventions while crafting top notch productions. As CDR features at Strøm for the third year, we’re chuffed that dBridge will join us for a Maschine workshop (in conjunction with Native Instruments and Red Bull Music Academy) where he will breakdown a track forthcoming on R & S Records and then DJ into the night. Before all that, we shared a preamble… Listen and read on!

When and where did you first hear about or attend CDR? What do you recall?

I think my first memory was hearing my brother Steve Spacek talk about it. This would have been a while back. It was at Plastic People if I remember rightly. I remember thinking it was a great idea. Myself, Steve and Morgan use to did a couple nights called Istickz Studio there, where we pretty much just plugged in our laptops and play the loops we’d been working on that week, It was a fun to hear stuff on that soundsystem raw like that.

What do CDR/Strøm attendees have in store for them when you represent in Copenhagen on Friday?

I’m just going to represent me. Which I suppose is my take on a genre and tempo.

When did you first get your hands on a Maschine? How does it fit within your production or live setup?

It slotted in quite easily. I wanted to start using an MPC again. I enjoyed the tactical nature of the interface but despite the benefits It felt slow. It’s a bit like my relationship with the Emu sampler. I spent years using it but as much as I love the sound, it’s so long winded to use. Maschine gave me the best of both worlds. It’s that balance of hardware and software which works for me.

Who/What has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

Sounds egotistical but my own. I’m writing a lot at the moment and I’m scrutinising it a lot. In the breaks I’ve been listening to dubs I’ve been sent as I’ve got Outlook and Dimensions Festival coming up so I gotta stock up on some new beats.

Please talk us through the track you last [cmd] ‘S’d ? ([ctrl] ‘S’ to PC users) [in other words, last project you saved]

I started it on Sunday, it’s feeling like something I want to sing on. I can hear the vocal melody and I’ve had some lyrics I’ve wanted to use for a while that I think will fit. It seems to be coming together.

Finally, have you any advice or words of warning for producers/musicians developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

Enjoy the moment. I think it’s great to hear your stuff on a big system in a club, but try to not let it define what you produce. So much music; especially in dance music, is geared towards the dancefloor and forcing a response from the crowd. Make what you want to hear, not what you think the crowd wants to.


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Full details on this year’s CDR at Strøm here. Copenhageners, make it down!