CDR Preamble: Dobie

A one-off, Dobie has been a friendly face and pioneering individual in the history of British soul, hip-hip and subsequent bass music developments for time. Since his days running with London Posse to his current Ninja Tunes he moves dancefloors, old and new. Prior to this month’s CDR London we shared some Qs and As with Dobie who’ll be putting his Maschine to good use at Plastic People, Sunday 14th April. Scroll down for some of the man’s Maschine music too.

When and where did you first attend CDR? What do you recall?

I was at the first CDR which in a pub on Essex Rd Islington, the pub still there.

You’ve contributed plenty to scenes in the UK and beyond for some time, how is music production and DJing different now, in 2013, from when you set out back in the day?

Technology has taken over, I mean the tech has always been there, but now it’s way more accessible and affordable. You can have a 48-track studio on your mobile phone pretty much for price of a bag chips. I don’t know if that;s a good thing or a bad thing. It just is.

Who/What has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

The sound of the TV and silences.

Please talk us through the track you last [cmd] ‘S’d ? ([ctrl] ‘S’ to PC users)  [in other words, last project you saved]

I haven’t done any music since I finished the album in October, recharging my batteries. People seem to think I just make music all the time, it’s not the case. I make music when I feel like making music, when the vibe/mood takes me, or if a gig come in the door that I’ve taken on.

Finally, have you any advice or words of warning for producers/musicians developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

Just do you. There’s no need for you to follow the crowd. Being an original is better than being a copy. Have fun/enjoy making music. Yes you can make money & get fame from music if thing go well, if that’s what your looking for, but hopefully there’s more to you than that…right. If your looking to get into the music bizznizz.remember it is a bizznizz!!! And the music bizznizz ain’t about the love of music. There two different things, and if you do get into the bizz don’t become a cunt going around knocking people that were once your friends or could have been future friends. Roll with the punches, but!!! Punch back at the same time. Bye. Going to watch telly now.


One of Dobie’s tracks, ‘She Wiggles When She Walks’ from We Will Not Harm You, was built with a Maschine and can be heard below. He’ll be de/reconstructing it in some way at CDR London. For more of Dobie’s Maschine made music seek out ‘Twitter Riddim’, ‘Refuse to Lose’ and ‘Cold’. 

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