On Friday the 1st of August we touch down at The House of St Barnabas for an intimate night of music curated by CDR’s own Tony Nwachukwu. Featuring on the night is Giganta aka Eleni Adamopoulou, a Producer, Sound Designer and DJ from Athens, Greece, whose talents have seen her perform as a choral singer, a flute player in a woodwind band and a keyboardist in a variety of different groups over many different genres. As a DJ/Producer she’s also composed music for dance performances, film and media, while also hosting her own weekly radio show on Paranoise Radio, throwing parties and also has participated in Red Bull Music Academy (class of 2011). We spoke to Giganta ahead of her show touching on the strength of Greece’s electronic music scene, the current economic/political climate and her approach to making music.

What is the electronic music scene like in Greece at the moment? What is holding artists back or driving them forward?

The electronic music scene in Athens is small. There are not many venues that you can play, or go listen to electronic music. Also there is not much support for local electronic musicians. What holds you back also drives you forward, and this is the love for music.

How much of an effect has the political/economic state of Greece had on the music you produce?

It affects me emotionally first, I care about the people around me, I can’t ignore the vibes I am surrounded with. The situation keeps you alert and active, when the future seems blurry. I want to spread good vibes through my music, no matter what is happening.

Your alias is inspired by the DC comics character of the same name. What is it about Giganta that inspires you? How does this carry across to your music?

“Giganta” transforms into a Giantess when needed. I do that too, when I have to deal with difficulties, I grow stronger. Music is my dream power!

Would it be true to say you place such a strong focus on glitch, both through your videos and your music productions?

Yes it’s true. I like the philosophy behind the “glitch” procedure. Errors give you a chance to make a mistake and another one chance to create something new.

How has having a strong visual background informed the sounds you produce?

All arts have things in common and combine together. When I discover an artist I wasn’t aware of, I get new ideas and learn something, it’s inspirational.

How do you keep your sounds fresh? What steps do you take to drive innovation in music?

One way to keep it fresh is that I don’t use the same sounds every time, and I usually design my own.

There is a freedom in music, and we should all take advantage of it, to push things further.

When I start working on something, I take my time to finish it.  This gives me the opportunity to process any ideas I have while experimenting with the sound.

I treat melody as rhythm and rhythm as melody, and this gives me many possibilities.

What’s your current set up at your studio and please talk us through the track you last you saved that you’ve been working on…

Lately I have been working on the music for Margot Bowman’s installation at Art Social #14. The process wasn’t the same as for the dance tracks I make.

I improvised and recorded some parts with my Korg Microsample. I did some field recordings, as I needed the “Wet” element and recorded the vocal parts. I then edited and experimented on these sounds within my computer.

Who/What has also been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

Since it’s summer and i am out of town, I am listening to Pinchy & Friends mixes.

Can you talk us a little through what you have planned for the Art Social event?

It is a collaboration with artist Margot Bowman, Darren Cunningham ( Actress) as an artistic supervisor, Werkhaus LTD and me. I am making the music for the installation. The main idea by Margot is based on Future Communities and how they are going to be living on water.

People will have the chance to decide how they want to live in the future.

The music was split into parts in my mind, so that the people, who come to visit, first will get the chance to explore the space, have their time and then participate. My idea was about creating a feeling and an experience, rather than making a music track that someone could listen to elsewhere.

For Friday night event, I am going to play some unreleased tracks I have been working on this year, and also play some tunes by others.

Catch Giganta this Friday at The House of St Barnabus alongside Esa (Auntie Flo) and Toby Tobias – more information here and tickets available here.

You can also keep tabs on Giganta via her Facebook and Soundcloud

Photo Credit: RBMA