CDR Preamble: House of Melody

Within CDR HQ we’ve had plenty of discussions about music and dance. Yes, CDR sessions can, like too many other clubnights, have a standing room rather than a dancefloor, however, we also have a long history of attendees (music making or not) reaching specifically to get down. To let loose to music they’ll struggle to hear elsewhere. For this year’s CDR Berlin we are delighted that the dance component of club culture will be given its deserved prominence. And integral to proceedings, House of Melody’s voguing performance! To limber up we exchanged some Qs and As with Leo Melody (Georgina Philp). 

What do CDR audiences at Prince Charles have in store for them when House of Melody represent at our Summerjam on August 8th?

Our show at CDR will for sure be entertaining since vogueing is very feminine and expressive, and I heard it’s mainly a male audience. It will present the several stylez and elements of Voguing. I also think it will be interesting to see the connection of dance and music as well as musicality.

Please talk us through how House of Melody came to be.

I founded the House of Melody (the first German vogueing House) in 2012 . We are six members in total, five girls and one boy. Except for me, all five live in Düsseldorf and our activities as a House are show acts as well as freestyle battles.

Is there a song that is shaping up as your track of Summer 2013?

There are many songs on my list , one I really like at the moment is Eliphino – ‘More Than Me’.

With food available at this week’s CDR Berlin, have you a favourite BBQ dish/recipe?

Jerk chicken is great!

Who/What has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

As far as Voguing Beats I love DJ Jan Kedves from the House of Shade and DJ Vjuan Allure.

Finally, from a dance perspective, have you any advice or words of warning for producers/musicians developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

I guess they have to look at dancers and how they react on which sounds, since every instrument releases a different impulse in the body. I think to understand that also they have to watch the dancers and get in touch with the underground dance club culture, which is not so big in Berlin yet but represented well at many dance battles.

House of Melody - Homardpayette (2)

For photos and updates from The House of Melody do the right thing at their Facebook page.

Thanks to Homardpayette for the photos (Top top: House of Melody. Just above: Georgina Philp aka Leo Melody)

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