CDR PREAMBLE: Lady Blacktronika

November 5th sees CDR’s biggest event of the year land at Prince Charles – with a killer line up for the CDR Berlin x Ableton. One of the guest DJs we are super excited to welcome is Lady Blacktronika – whose incredibly deep and always groovy productions have led to her being name the First Lady of Beatdown… and have been favorites with CDR for some years.  We ask Akua Grant (A.k.a Lady B) a few questions ahead of her first appearance at CDR…

You moved to Berlin in a few years ago from the States. How are you enjoying living and working here?
Living here has it’s rewards and challenges but I am living in a city that gives me endless inspiration to create new music. My style has grown immensely just because of that.

You recently signed to Mint Berlin, who CDR were lucky enough to work with for our last event. Tell is a little about this relationship…
It is amazing working with Mint honestly. I have had an instant sense of family and they really take care of their artists, nurturing.

Our CDR community is always interested in the way people make music. Can you tell us a little about your studio setup?
Ancient Chinese Secret. No, just kidding. Honestly I have a bare minimum process that consists of my laptop and software and that’s it. I used call my setup “Nu Ghetto,” because I had this broken down laptop with only a working screen. It had a broken keyboard, broken disc drive and broken trackpad. I had USB attachments & software and that was it. I am doing a tad bit better these days but haven’t added any hardware yet. I enjoy working with the little I have, and had, and work it to the max. I haven’t bought into the notion that having lots of expensive toys is essential for making authentic sounding music. Heart is all you need.

Do you have any advice or words of warning for producers/musicians developing tracks to play at CDR?
Be authentically you. There is a rich techno & house music history to draw inspiration from, respect for that history, use it well.

What’s been your track of 2016 so far?
Truthfully I have spent the better part of this year delving into the past. I have been researching and rediscovering old school foundation hardcore techno from 91 to 95. There is so much music I didn’t even know existed and I was there raving to it but now with the advent of the internet I have unlimited access. I’ve been using this music as inspiration to create new music with the hopes of doing a party here in Berlin with a focus on these old school sounds.

Lady Blacktronika will be appearing on a the Mint panel at the Loop conference on  5th November. You can find out more about Lady B here