CDR Preamble: Oriol Q+A

In the leadup to the October CDR session we briefly caught up with an old friend and recent addition to Planet Mu, Oriol:

1. So, you’re spinning a discography selection at CDR. What can we expect to hear? a little insight, please!
Don’t want to reveal too much…Some works in progress, also trying to finish a couple of new bits beforehand.

2. How has attending CDR sessions shaped your journey as a producer?
It’s always inspiring to hear new music at CDR and testing a mix at Plastic People is a unique and invaluable experience – not just in terms of getting the frequencies and sound right but the vibe too.

3. Who has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?
Of late, Heatwave, Joe Henderson, Actress and Falty DL on heavy rotation…

4. Anywhere else that people can hear you spin tunes other than your own?
Not at the moment. Perhaps Sunday will kick off proceedings..!

5. Anything else you care to add? 
Just a big shout out to CDR community at large  – Going strong!

Oriol’s album Night and Day (featuring plenty of tracks that first aired at CDR London) is out now. Boom clicky boom click!

Postscript: Oriol’s excellent set from our October 2010 session can be heard below.

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