Through My Speakers will be guesting for this week’s CDR Berlin at Prince Charles. For those that haven’t come across this collective, they are made up of a network of DJs and producers – all united by a shared love of music that fits loosely under the ‘bass’ umbrella. With artists like NGHT DRPS, Qumasiquamé, Radar Bird, Sarah Farina, She’s Drunk, Sixfoot, Soulmind, Suki Quasimodo and Walter Vinyl on the books, the crew has serious strength in depth and had been causing a stir from their Berlin base out across the globe in recent months. Just check out the various Boiler Room sessions, Red Bull Studio residencies and uncountable number of events and tours the collective has been involved in.

It’s with that in mind that we welcome some of the crew (Chix, Sarah, NGHT DRPS and  Qumasiquamé) to share the decks at CDR on Thursday. In anticipation, we managed to grab a quick work with ‘rainbow bass warrior’ Sarah Farina at the end of her first Asian tour…



CDR: What does being a member of a community / collective like Through My Speakers mean to you?  

Through My Speakers is about connecting people, music education, having a good time and making the world a better place by doing positive things, sharing music, supporting each other and breaking boundaries. We are creating a non commercial platform for like minded artists with a deep understanding for music, giving them the possibility to share their love for music. We started in 2012 and it has been growing very naturally ever since. The slogan from my collective sums it up pretty well: “International music. International subculture. One Love.“

CDR: When and where did you first hear about or attend CDR? What do you recall?

The first time I attended a CDR event was in 2012 with the guests Modeselektor and Brand Bauer Frick. It was crowded like crazy and it was very new to me to be able to hear artists like that just talk about their musical process. Very inspiring!


CDR Berlin x RBMA Workshop BRANDT BRAUER FRICK from CDR on Vimeo.


CDR: What can CDR audiences expect from your set on Thursday?


#RainbowBass and a bunch of unreleased music from my friends!

Check out Sarah’s new mix for Outlook festival here:



CDR: Is there a song that is shaping up as your track of 2016? Who/What has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

My Flava by Shield released on 20/20 London label is a track that is very unique and has lots of energy. It’s such a futuristic hip hop breakbeat and the crowd goes crazy every time I drop the tune.

Besides Shields’s EP I really fell in love with Nangdo’s “High on Clouds” EP and with Commodo’s album “How What Time”.



CDR: Finally, have you any advice or words of warning for producers/musicians developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

I think they should just do whatever they feel comfortable with. Don’t be too scared of the reactions of others while one of the CDR DJ’s is playing your tune. Enjoy the moment!

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