CDR Preamble – Sarah Kivi

When and where did you first attend CDR? How was your night?


It was exactly a year ago in Berlin at Prince Charles. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and I was very excited for everyone who had their tracks played there, a great chance to hear new material, connect with other producers and enjoy a good sound system.


Tell us a little bit about your music- how would you describe your creative process?


My music is intimate and simple. My creative process is different every time but I guess  it is often started by an emotion I need to get out of my system. I start by writing lyrics and go from there. I rarely start anything without having a word or two down.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?


Nature and love – or the lack of it. Being a human, everyday life, death.

I observe and create stories around things I see and experience. Everything inspires me really, even the smallest things, like a smile from someone who passes by, a smell in the air or a sentence in a book that I’m reading.   –>(insert one of sarah’s tracks)


As a singer and producer, do you find it challenging to find the right working flow? In both studio and live environment?


Yes. But I have come to peace with it. As I started producing – which is not long ago- I had this idea that I’m not enough unless I play and sing and do cartwheels simultaneously. I realised after a while that it wasn’t true at all. In order to bring the best out of me and to be able to connect with the audience, I had to focus on the singing more than anything else. That’s why I keep my live set very simple when I perform alone.


You’ve only recently started producing your own beats. What was the main motivation behind that decision?


Musical independence firstly- having as much knowledge and skills in the area you work in is also never a bad idea.


Three tracks that kept you going through the tough Berlin winter.


Berlin winter ain’t got sh*t on me!


Com Truise – Open

The five corners quintet- the devil kicks

Art of Noise- moments in love  (couldnt find an ‘official’ upload)