CDR Preamble: Simbad Q+A

A catch up with Simbad in the lead up to Sunday’s CDR session at Plastic People..

1. So, you’re spinning a discography selection at CDR. What can we expect to hear? a litttle insight please!

Damn !!! I’ve never done that before… will probably drop a few forthcomin’ bits and maybe some unreleased joints, and maybe dig a couple oldskool tunes in my 12” collection… as long as legs are shakin’ on da floor  I’m happy   hahaaa 🙂

2. How has attending CDR sessions shaped your journey as a producer?

Well it definetly opened me to a whole community of talented peeps and inspired me as the CDR nites have nicely improved musically wise in the last few years … (remember the first one Tony ??) [Tony – Oooooh Yes!!] Met some new faces and made friends, vibed wid a few singers too, so yea, all things positive 4 sho’ …

3. Who has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

Hummmmmh, mainly some 60’s & 70’s soundtrack stuff (workin’ on a soundtrack project with some jazzmen) , a lot of funky/bruk/dubstep & house bits everyday goin thru a hips of promos, the new Falty DL ep, the nu Gold Panda album, some dope ass nu Throwin Snow stuff, some nu Zed Bias firin’ bits and recheckin’ the track order of this forthcomin compilation that Lefto & i are putting out on Brownswood in a few months, brand nu exclusive material from around da electronic and soul planetarium… And rediscovering my old boogie 12”s lately, u know I loooooove that shhhhhh…

4. Talk us through the track you last [cmd] ‘S’d ? ([ctrl] ‘S’ to PC users)

??? u what ?? lol

You know.. Saved?

Honestly it’s hard to talk about squares and waves that sit in a computer screen setting so best is to Save the project in the FINISHED folder asap coz the list of tunes that need to enter this folder is endless naaa mean ?? 😉

5. Any where else that people can hear you spin tunes other than your own?

Yea, I actually don’t play my tunes much unless I test out somethin’ brand nu… but yea, constantly travellin’ places of the Earth (what a blessing !!) and sometimes on the radio (Deja vu or else) or mixtapes on the net… Info on my blog or Soundcloud

6. Any thing else you care to add..Really anything!

Thanx to everyone who’s been supportive and that kept it real in the music circles so far , eat well, spread love &  keep readin between the lines if u wanna grow free … Oh and wear some protections ! LOL 🙂