CDR Preamble: Typesun

Keep it on the DL but it’s been a few years now we’ve been awaiting praise to universally come Typesun’s way and for ears all over to hear his music. Humbly going about his ways in Bristol, the producer, drummer,  and songwriter has been biding time to release his LP, Work Is Love Made Visible. With the longplayer imminent and his excellent ‘The PL’ turning heads it seemed essential to have Luke come and show Plastic People his worth. Ahead of Sunday’s showcase we shared a Q+A, read  and listen on! 

So, you’re spinning a discography selection at CDR. What can we expect to hear? How has your music making changed over the years? A little insight please!

Music from 2001 and maybe further back. I’m an explorer. Not really interested if I’ve done it before or if someone else is doing the same thing. Not really interested in obvious combinations of sounds or tried and tested formulas unless I can flip them in my own way or there’s a very good reason why it has to be like that. For those reasons, expect all sorts of tempos, styles and instrumentation. All that’s changed is that over the years the technology has made certain things more possible and I’ve found that some styles have become more codified.

How has attending CDR sessions shaped your journey as a producer?

It’s been a great affirmation for me that there is an audience out there for what I do. I’ve had my head down for a while and showing up with a CD to play in Plastic [People] was definitely a way-point on the road. Funnily enough, now I think about it the track I first played, hasn’t been released, isn’t on the LP and doesn’t have a label or a date yet.

My main CDR memory is the warmth of all the heads there. For a random dude rockin’ up from Bristol with a CD to play, London can seem fairly intimidating. Doesn’t feel like that at CDR though because everyone is on the vibe that it’s a safe place to show up and just do your thing. I’ve had nothing but support and encouragement and made some real great connections and friendships in the process.

Who has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

I don’t listen to much music. But I do pay attention to what I come across in day to day life. Local radio, tracks that friends send me, stuff that gets linked on FB or whatever. The records I picked up recently that I’m most excited about are the new fLAcko EP & the Steoples EP (Gifted & Blessed vocal project). Andy Mac’s forthcoming Idle Hands record is shaping up to be something special & I’m still loving Jay’s release on BRSTL.

Talk us through the track you last [cmd] ‘S’d ? ([ctrl] ‘S’ to PC users)

It’s a remix for a French singer called Mina Tindle. Kind of a favour to my distributor because they’ve been so good to me. I wanted to make something for the dancefloor without losing the delicate vibe of the original. I slowed it down to 123bpm and rewrote the whole thing bar the vox (which I kept very clean), I chopped the original drum and percussion sounds and then recorded a whole bunch of other live parts. Poor mastering engineer suffered because my monitors don’t really do low end and I had to send him a bunch of revisions. First items on the wish list.

How was your recent trip to Maida Vale? Please can you talk us through that experience?

Incredible experience. Main thing for me was seeing how the guys just stepped up and laid it down. We had three short rehearsals and they nailed two tracks in two takes each. Sabira hadn’t even done a single run through with the band. I haven’t run a band for a few years now and it just showed me how much they’ve all progressed as musicians and professionals and reminded me what’s possible.

Now I’m looking for the next in to go do more work with that crazy 1960s BBC technology. I want the guided tour and I want to see Delia’s room.

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