Vida Vojic has been a regular at the CDR sessions at Prince Charles this year, submitting a stream of amazing tracks that we’ve instantly fallen in love with. Therefore we thought it about time that we gave her the chance to showcase her new live set at CDR.  Ahead of that, we asked the young Swedish producer / singer / musician a few questions…   

CDR: When and where did you first attend CDR?

March 2016. Prince Charles in Berlin.


CDR: What do you recall and what have the sessions meant to you?

It’s a very different event, and I often find the musical experience to be more interesting than many other music events in Berlin. Hearing my own music on a sound system has made me understand the range of sound systems better and given me a lot of inspiration. The sessions have also given me a lot of natural support from both friends and strangers.


Tell us about your music, and how you go about making it…

I guess I see music making as an exploration of myself and everything around me. I don’t really care about techniques, I try to come up with them myself. Since I am an easily bored person, I need to change my process each time I make a new track in order for me to stay interested.



You’ll be performing a live set at Prince Charles on September 28th – what can we expect?


It will sound pretty different to my produced music. I have attempted to translate the music into a band context, and I’ve realised that my tracks only function as a guide, and that the rest is more or less improvised.

What’s next for you, music-wise?


I have an EP coming out on London-based Tokyo Wax, and two more EPs in the pipeline. During the Autumn I will focus on having more live gigs, and keep on exploring different sound projects in all contexts.

Anyone else from the Berlin scene you would like to shed some light on?

If you have the chance, you should try and see Olmo or MS90 live. Two friends of mine with unique styles, although very different to each other. Definitely some of the best live performances I’ve ever seen!



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