CDR Preamble: Warren XCLnce

When listening to Ego Ella May’s superb EP, The Tree, we cast eyes on the credits to see who’d crafted the productions. A name stood out, Warren XCLnce. Delving deeper we sought out Warren’s own productions and were dazzled by what we heard. Time to give the man a platform. Read below and come hear his works at Plastic People for CDR London this Sunday, June 9th. 

How did you connect with Ego Ella May? Any more collaborations to come?

Ego and myself have been good friends for about a year now, we first got talking over Soundcloud and I really liked what she was doing with the whole abstract soul vibe. Her choice of beats, and musical direction was similar to the style in which I felt my music was heading so it made perfect sense to work together.

The first track we made was ‘Being Loved’, which I still really like and is featured on her album. It paved the way to help get an idea of how we wanted our project to sound. ‘The Intro’ for the EP is essentially a remix of another track we have done together called ‘The Conscience’, but I wanted to create something unique by chopping up her vocal sample to make another groove on top of the same jazz sample. I think it worked well as a short but sweet teaser of things to come, which will be featured on my forthcoming EP available this summer, containing collaborations with artists such as Etta Bond, Handbook and Iamnobodi.

Please can you brief us on your musical background, when and how did you start producing? What’s changed along the way?

Both my parents are really into their music, so naturally my influences will always be from them. I grew up listening to a lot of funk and soul as well as hip-hop and house. I started producing when I was about 16, making garage and chilled hip-hop style beats, but progressively I think my sound evolved a lot when I embraced a lot of trip-hop and broken beat style hip-hop and house, also when I came to University in Nottingham and met a lot of new talent who I could say help shape my sound.

It seems you’ve spent time between London and Nottingham, how do the music scenes compare?

They are both really good. The scope of musical genres and styles amongst them both are crazy and because Nottingham has a large student base promoters can easily fill small venues, making it easier to network. The best thing about Nottingham is that all main venues and clubs are all on my doorstep at a decent price, however London is better for concerts and the nights where you can always see lots of DJ’s/artists all playing under one roof.

What do CDR audiences at Plastic People have in store for them when you’ll represent on June 9th?

The set will be a progressive blend of soulful vibes from hip-hop to house and trippy soul. I will be playing some of my unreleased stuff as well as some of my old stuff too and mixing it with stuff I’m feeling at the moment.

Were you aware of CDR’s history before we reached out?

I haven’t had the chance to attend a CDR session lately but I have heard the show before and I already know what the history and kinds of vibes that the guys there represent. It’s good to see the continual promotion of different creative sounds, especially in what is seen as a saturated market for modern events.

Who/What has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

Lately I have been listening to a lot of live influenced music from the likes of Bonobo to Daft Punk. I’m really feeling the live yet soulful trip hop style that Bonobo play. I went to see them headline in Bristol and it was great to see that kind
of turn out for such great music.

Please talk us through the track you last [cmd] ‘S’d ? ([ctrl] ‘S’ to PC users)

The last project I saved was a remix I did on behalf of Snakehips for their single ‘On & On’. The original is that chopped up sample electronic hip-hop, popular with the LA beat scene. Snakehips are easily one of the best new hip-hop producers in the UK with a distinctive sound, so it was a pleasure to be asked to contribute.

Finally, have you any advice or words of warning for producers/musicians developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

Just keep it consistently unique and use every available resource to your advantage. I have learnt to try not to doubt the output – as in most cases the stuff I tend to dislike has can get the best reception.

Connect at and @warren_xclnce

Get the Xclnce EP for free here.