CDR x Rising Festival 2014

We’re proud to be a part of Roundhouse Rising this year. More London runnings! Our participation is a two pronged affair that will inspire music makers and fans alike. Read through the following to see wha’ gwarning! 

1) Focus – CDR x Rising Production Lab – 18-20th February

Media Lab, 11am – 5pm

In the days before the festival begins, this project gives music producers the chance to focus on the producing and completion of a track with the support of industry professionals. Participants will have the chance to build upon an initial idea, layer beats, sounds and textures, learn creative ways to use effects and arrange the idea for maximum impact on the dance floor. Get involved:


Bring the project folder for one of your tracks you want to finish (we can accommodate project files from Ableton or stems from other audio platforms).


From an initial idea build a track from scratch using Ableton Live 9 with the support, guidance and feedback from the CDR team.

All tracks will be mastered ready for prime listening at the CDR Rising Session. (see below). Places are limited so booking is required.

Details and registration here.


2) CDR – Rising Session – 22nd February

Dortmund Hub, 7-11pm

In Session
Shlomo (Live)
Ego Ella May (Live)
Okapii (Live)
+ Open CDR: Submit your track to be heard on the night or via

Registration also required for CDR Rising Session. It’s free, everyone’s welcome to come listen and dance:


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