CDR X Dimensions: Dimension Sounds 2015 Release

This has been a long time coming, and we thank you all for your patience! Very excited to announce that the 2015 CDR X Dimensions Festival vinyl release is pressed and ready to ship from Juno, plus a digital release available for purchase through Bandcamp. All proceeds of the physical and digital releases will go to Steve Reid Foundation and Rising Tide charities.

The Story

In 2015 CDR HQ teamed up with partners Dimensions Festival to bring together a unique album which built on the previous year’s 2013 & 2014 producer projects. They called for producers to use over 200 field recordings as inspiration and to build their own tracks, influenced also by the festivals programming and ethos. The result of these creations is Dimension Sounds 2015, an album of tracks made up of sounds and textures from around the world, which encapsulate the spirit and energy that befalls the Dimensions Festival every summer.

Dimension Sounds 2015 Digital Album 

*Digital release available for purchase here.

01. Al Zanders – On The Beach
02. Ben Houghton – Market House
03. BodyMoves – PCE
04. Fear of the Rave – Your Private Sky
05. FYI Chris – Sugar
06. Goldak – Conterra
07. James Rudie – Dimends
08. K15 – Rain Meditation
09. Kaffe Crème – Veličina
10. Konstrict – Clypso
11, Lismore – Biffa
12. Sahin Meyer – Siyayaring
13. Tapir – Mess

Dimension Sounds 2015 Vinyl Sampler

*Vinyl sampler available for purchase here.

A1 K15 – Rain Meditation
A2 Lismore – Biffa
B1 FYI Chris – Sugar
B2 Ben Houghton – Market House

The 2015 edition is a special one also, marking CDR’s first foray into releasing vinyl since 2006. For the vinyl release, we called on K15 and FYI Chris to contribute to the soundtrack, the results of which have  pressed to vinyl in a compilation which also shines further light on newcomers Ben Houghton and Lismore. The brief for this record was simple, take sounds from the sample pack and make a track that encapsulates what Dimensions Festival is to you.

For K15’s “Rains Meditation” he chose to go down a more organic route, using samples from the wildlife and nature portion of the pack. The track starts out with a birds and a slow-brooding synth, before the sounds of a thunder storm (captured during a flash flood in Dalston) is used. In true K15 style, the track features skippy broken-beat-esque styled hats, a hypnotic yet equally as funky bassline, before dropping into a lush piano solo that captures the vibe of the sun setting over the Pula coast perfectly. Sharing the A-side is newcomer Lismore. His track “Biffa” takes a different approach – building it around a street drummer, and a sample of children in a playground, before adding a hypnotic-hook played on his Juno 106. For us, this track really encapsulates the idea of a peak daytime anthem on the beaches of Pula.

If the A-side is thought of as day party vibes, then the B-side is all about nighttime dancing on the Garden stage and the Moat. FYI Chris use a sample of an old bell for their dusty sub-sub low track, which infectious bassline can’t help but get one’s shoulders shrugging and head nodding. Sharing the B-side with the London duo is Melbourn-ite Ben Houghton. His track “Market House” takes a slightly different approach, cutting the samples up on his MPC to use as percussion loops and hits, and adding a healthy dose of a DIY 909 kick module for good measure. This one reeks midnight at Dimensions Moat, and when the breakdown comes you can’t help but picture the lights going down and then suddenly illuminating just as the track drops to a hands-in-the-air moment, filled with lasers and smoke.

All in all, this release showcases the variety of the festival and indeed the CDR nights that are held around the world. The result is a collaboration of sorts from all around the world, seamlessly fitting into one compilation.


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