CDR x Dimensions Festival family: Gerd Janson

As the dust from dancers at Dimension Festival settles, we’ve a still got a couple more Q+As with mutual friends/fam to share. First up, long time resident at Frankfurt’s Robert-Johnson, co-owner of the Running Back label, expert compilation compiler, and Dixon’s number one DJ, it’s the bearded gent, Mr Gerd Janson. 

Have you a track or album of summer 2013?

It started already in spring for me. Osborne – ‘Hold Up’ featuring Joe Goddard. Best indie-house song ever and finally a new song  in a club context these days with lyrics that don’t make you feel like a lobotomized lemming.

And any specific  tunes from memorable summers gone by?

Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring.  ’90 or ’91. Swimming in lakes, drinking chocolate milk with ice cubes at night, while the Bruce Weber directed video clip was on heavy rotation.

Growing up listening to a song about growing up.

Any specific artists you’d wanted to see at this year’s Dimension festival?

Iration Steppas. I don’t get out to hear enough reggae these days…

Considering the progress in technology that became available for young producers, it would be interesting to hear what are the main changes you have experienced regarding the RBMA participants from your very first year at the academy up until nowadays ?

I guess the main difference would be the switch from bedroom DJs and record collectors with an interest to trying out samplers and music production gear to bedroom producers with an interest to DJ.

Finally, what’s in the pipeline for Running Back?

A record by Japanese DJ legend Nori co-produced by Maurice Fulton and a new single by Mark E and more of the same as it ever was.

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