Day one’s focus was predominately on fostering creativity and helping our participants form their initial ideas. In this stage of the development process we helped them create loops, textures, beats and bass lines in preparation for day two, where we began to delve into arrangement.

Day two started with an Ableton masterclass, where the participants makers were taught the basics of Ableton’s new(ish) Push hardware. After being inspired by this, they then went onto working on the arrangements of their own tracks.

The day concluded with a talk and performance from Shlomo. He gave accounts his life experience as a performer, while also discussing the importance of imposing limitations on yourself and then breaking those limitations as you evolve (interview with Shlomo to come).

The group’s creations are now really beginning to come to the fore with some outstanding pieces being written.

We’re looking forward to adding the finishing touches to their tracks on day three and letting the world hear them on Saturday at CDR X Roundhouse Rising.


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