Strawberry Fields – the unique space where haute underground acts such as Âme , Nightmares on Wax and Max Graef, Andras Fox and Child rub shoulders with a selection of ambient bands and visual artists for 3 days in the Australian bush. In the lead up to the event we are very pleased to present the 10 finalists from the CDR x Strawberry 2014 producer project, which we ran in conjunction with the festival.

It’s not unknown that Australia is not a short flight away from the European Festival circuit. Hence for logistical reasons joining in on much CDR global activity can be challenging for cash-strapped Australian producers. Strawberry Fields is a special jewel in the crown of the country’s multi-day festival schedule. Hence CDR saw the opportunity to run an international production project with a focus on the Australian location.

The brief was very open; artists were to submit an un-released, original track that would create magic within the Strawberry Fields atmosphere and fit the aesthetic ethos. The Top 25 submissions were selected and uploaded to the Strawberry Fields Radio SoundCloud in early September.

Nine tracks were selected as finalists by a panel of judges across CDR and Strawberry Fields. The producer of the most popular track on SoundCloud was selected as Grand Finalist and received a pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio headphones. Despite being a difficult decision, the judges were incredibly impressed by the originality and quality of the submissions. The final decisions came down to aesthetic fit, production finesse and distinctive sound.

These 10 finalist tracks below, will be the soundtrack of many convoys to the festival we’re sure. The compilation will be released shortly on Bandcamp with proceeds going to The Wilderness Society (the people keeping Australian environments luscious!)

These artists will also be performing at Strawberry Fields 2014.Many thanks goes out to all those who participated in the production project and those who came to the recent CDR Melbourne Session at Loop. We hope to see you all achieve great things with your work now and into the future, and to have you in our CDR alumni.

Now for the 10 final tracks (in alphabetical order)…

BenAtWork – Lock & Key

Working solid grooves against shaky reverb, Lock & Key is one of our favourites from BenAtWork to date. Let the soaring synths and ephemeral calls lift you up on their wings.

Cassettes for Kids – Enough

Intelligent sampling meets classic deep house is the perfect pairing for the Strawberry wildlands. The mellowness of Enough’s low slung bassline had us hooked from the beginning.

Cleverhands – Gutterdreamin’

Cleverhands sent this gem to us just before joining Promised Miracles. They’re a lucky agency indeed having a slice of this ever evolving jazz numbe that takes you where no groove has taken you before.

Craig Marten – Durkheim

Durkheim follows a dreamers mind. Filled with linen-crisp snares, foggy bass and cardiod kickdrum, this will be the perfect piece to mesmerise.

Damphyr – Guilt

Throbbing beat, luscious chord structures and a break that takes you to giddying heights; everything about this track spells dancefloor hedonism.

Du Phaux – Lax

Lax takes listeners through a hyper-en-point meld of soul and syncopation. Perfectly paired with bodies moving under the starts.

 Disrute – The Acid Test

Pitched down vocals are set against organic percussion in Disrute’s The Acid Test. We can’t get enough of the zany composition.

Lost Few – As I Wake I Dream

As I Wake I Dream is a cinematic masterpiece; nods to technoir, open corridors and rising scenes of tension. Moving though landscapes of dark drums and stereo ambience will be the perfect cathartic end to a long evening of dancing.

Taylor Ferney – Labrynf

Sydney producer Taylor Ferney takes the listener on a voyage through the outdoors with his unique journey electronica. Labrynf’s high energy demands big soundscapes.

1968 – Atoms

Jazzy ode Atoms brings quirky intelligence into the mix. The fresh combination of deep subbass, tight percussion and relaxed pads bring lazy days to mind.

Thanks once again to those involved in this year’s project for all the efforts and fantastic music creations.

Words by: Sonia Miles-Khan
Artwork by: Isaac Christie