“An atmosphere of happiness and peace” is how Prismic (Stefan Eklatant) described his Dimension Sounds track ‘Undubbed’. We agree and love how he threaded Phase I samples into a pulsating well-layered and bright groove. Of all the excellent entries for this CDR project, Prismic’s song impressed us the most. Keen to learn more of his process and passions, we spoke of synths, studies, and sonic styles.

Please tell us about your sample choices from Phase I. What was it about the palette you chose that appealed?

First I have to thank all of the people who made those great recordings – I listened to all of them and really liked this. I was looking for some sounds to combine with my equipment. All the percussive things fell away because I wanted to  create a rhythm part by the TR8. There were some like the “Sad Flute“ and the “Primary School“ that totally caught me. I knew I had to work with them because they will give a very great atmosphere.


When did you start making music? How has your production process changed along the way?

I think I discovered my love for music when I was 15. At this time I went to the only club in a small village not far from the house of my parents. Me and my friends were in love with that old disco house music. I remember tracks like “What You Need” by Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden or “Another Chance” by Roger Sanchez. The DJs were our ‘stars’ for the weekend and we danced all night long. That was a really formative time. One day I met Christoph Linke. He was not that much older than me and one of the DJs. We were friends and he taught me how to play on vinyl. At this time nobody was playing with CDs or USBs. For a long time I was playing with Christoph’s old vinyl – those, which were out at that time and today true treasures. 😀

Later I started to by my own house records and I think it was in 2006 when I had my fist gig. Eventually electronic music moved more into the focus.  I changed my style from disco house to techno. It’s not a long time ago that I started to produce music – maybe 4 years. First just with Ableton, basic VSTs and some headphones. But everything sounded very flat and not the kind of sound I wanted. It was also no fun to work on that digital surface. So I watched out for my first hardware – it was a MC 303 (by Roland). This was a very inflexible tool for producing – I sold it 3 months later.  To my joy, Roland released the new version of the TR808 and 909 with its Tr8. I preordered it and was addicted to buying hardware. I didn’t have the money to buy the originals of TR808 and 909, but I think it is a good compromise. 


Who/what’s on your stereo of late? 

I think it was a release of Sub.made or Philipp Matalla. I like their productions!

In addition to your music making, what do you do for a living/study?

In addition I study Design at the University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, called Burg Giebichenstein. I love to create things made of wood and other materials. Also I am active in building visual installations like video installations on events and festivals. Actually I am working on a portable LED-installation-system that you can easily transport and build up wherever you want. It is controllable via Midi and Dmx and by Iphone/Ipad/Mac and things like that. 

Beside my study, I work very hard and spend every minute of free time (and every Euro) on producing music and buying synthesizers. My my latest acquisition is an old Access Virus from 1999, bought this week in Berlin. I think for the last year music has become a very big part in my life and I really love to sit at my desk (no space left for even one sheet of paper :D) just turning the knobs of those machines. My first release is planned to come out next winter. It will be a limited vinyl release with an artful and handmade cover. I don’t want to tell too much…


From the photos, you seem have a pretty great set up – can you talk us through your favourite production tool/s? 

As is said, i really love the TR8. When I bought it I was not that sure because of the LED-blinkyblinky look, but it sounds really nice and makes it fun to compose with it. Another great tool is my modded Poly 800. I got it from a friend and it was in a terrible condition, I had to disassemble and clean up all parts of it. Now it is working very well and gives out some great chords! I also have this old analog mixer (Boss km 60) that gives a nice warm character to the sounds you are sending through. Not at least, there is that Access Virus. It is great to handle with all the knobs on top and it seems to be a great synth with a nice punch. Will see 😀