Dimension Sounds preview: The Energy

Since first hearing The Energy we’ve been hooked. When the dynamic duo submitted a track to our Dimension Sounds project it took our breath away (cough cough…). We’re super excited to see/hear what they bring in their live performance at CDR London this Sunday. Before the show, a Q+A with Nicole and Dan.  

What do you have planned for CDR attendees at Plastic People this Sunday? 

Nicole: We’ll be doing a short set (30-40 mins) of material from our debut album scheduled for release in 2014.

Please talk us through your audio set up how you made the tracks? What gear was used? And as a duo, who does what?

N: Our audio set up is relatively simple. Using Logic, we try to sample our own sounds as well as use real instruments as much as possible. In the studio, we have a number of old microphones including a couple of old AKG’s. Sometimes the tracks evolve from live looping via Dan’s BOSS RC 300. To build our Soundscapes, we also try to source unusual plug ins from within Logic. With regards to who does what, Dan produces the music and I produce the vocals. However, this can sometimes cross over slightly especially within a live setting. In addition, we have a device that was developed by the Russian Space Agency (RSA) but do not know how it works. *Technical information unavailable.

‘Breathe’ or ‘Geek’? Are we mistaken or has the song had some naming changes? If so, what led to an alteration? And how do you go about titling your tracks.

Dan: No, you are not mistaken. We originally called it ‘Geek’ as that was the original working title. I usually find a name at the time of saving the project (I struggle over this a lot!). We changed it after our Amazing Radio session with Ruth Barnes due to Nicole’s embarrassment at the name! ‘Breathe’ sounds more fitting for the song, especially since that word is in the lyrics.

N: Usually when naming a song, we forget to name them properly until ‘they’re out there’ and then we have to change them! But when we do, we go by the key words in the lyrics or the overall theme/feeling.

Please name three producers you rate and why

D: Such a topical and current question! Ok – Sun Ra – he’s a producer of sorts. I think Madlib has to go in there. Charlie Mingus & Alfred Lion. Oops that’s four!
N: Hmmm, pretty tricky…I love Blue Daisy. Little Dragon rock my world (all of the members produce their music), I’m also loving Grimes’ set up!

What is next on your equipment wants list?

D: Gaffa tape. Jack to Jacks. No seriously..a nice vintage mixing desk.
N: Jack to Jack are always popular with us. But as for me, well, my dream has always been to one day own a luxury Crystal Skin Shure wireless microphone.

In addition to music making, what do you do for a living?

D: I’m a full time producer and film maker. Currently in the middle of making my next film.
N: Apart from being a musician, I work as an Artist Tutor with the Roundhouse in Camden and also work part time as a PA.


‘Breathe’ is one of fourteen tracks to be released on Dimension Sounds. See/hear who’s also there here.

Londoners, get down to Plastic People this Sunday!