Dimension Sounds preview: Hugo Slime

Now back in London, time spent in Germany and attending CDR Berlin sessions helped Hugo Slime to find and shape his production voice. For our Dimension Sounds project Mr Slime submitted two ear-pleasing entries, one of which we’ve chosen to be released. Prior to his involvement as one of the Dimensions Sounds contributors featuring at CDR London this Sunday, we shared a Q+A.

What do you have planned for CDR attendees at Plastic People this Sunday? 

I am really excited about playing at Plastic People, I plan to play a selection of my own tracks and some of the house music that is inspiring me at the moment. Depending on the vibe I might even throw in some Dilla, Quasimodo or A dub track that I have had in my playlist for a while which I would love to hear on a big system.

Please talk us through your audio set up and how you made your Dimension Sounds tracks? What gear was used? 

‘Sunshine Smooth’

For this track I was thinking of that moment when you can see the light creeping in through the gaps. You know the night is coming to an end but you just want to keep going.

Production Tools: Logic, Native Instruments, Headphones & Speakers.

‘Up to One Level’

I just wanted this one to be that tune that you will be singing days after you heard it. It will remind you of when the night was peaking and you were on the floor fist pumping your respect to the DJ. “All my whole life is is is is is is is is is is is “

Production Tools: Apples, Native Instruments, Keys, Headphones, Speakers, Logic and Randomness.

Please name three producers you rate and why.

Karizma, Osunlade, Theo Parrish, I rate them because they are consistent with quality productions, but never afraid to try something new and test new boundaries.

What is next on your equipment wants list?

I want to build my set up with some quality mastering software and am thinking about purchasing NI Monark.

In addition to music making, what do you do for a living?

I am a Campaigns Manager for Alcohol Education charity Drinkaware.

Please tell us what CDR has meant to you, and to your development as a producer?

CDR Berlin was my wake up call, my inspiration. It gave me the motivation to finish tracks and the confidence to let people hear them.

Anything else you want to add?

I loved listening to all the competition entries. Nuff talent out there.

Keep tabs on the man’s movements through hugoslime.co.uk

‘Up to one Level’ is one of fourteen tracks to be released on Dimension Sounds. See/hear who’s also there here.

Londoners, get down to Plastic People this Sunday!

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