Dimension Sounds preview: Speakman Sound

Second dose of standout submissions so far from our Dimension Sounds project. This belter’s by London brothers, Speakman Sound. After being impressed by their track, ‘Survive this Dream’, we wanted to know more so asked how it was put together and for them to let us know more about themselves. Press play then see what they had to say. 

Please talk us through your production set up and how you made ‘Survive this Dream’. What gear was used?
We run a small studio in north London, here we like to hybrid digital with analogue techniques. We have a large 32 channel mixing desk which, once a track is built we re rout each element of the track to a separate channel This allows us to arrange, level, filter and automate the track however we want in a live fashion, almost turning the tune it’s self into an instrument. The studio is full of strange sounding acoustic instruments and toys which we love to use. The bass line of this tune was written on an old toy Yamaha synth from the 80s which our older brother had as a child, this is routed through a valve compressor to warm the sound up.

Georgia Mason’s vocal is an integral element to the song’s excellence, please could you talk us through how you collaborated, recorded and produced the vocal?
Georgia is a close friend of ours, and long term collaborator on many projects, we were very excited to have her unique and extraordinary voice on our tune. We invited her to the studio and spent a relaxed evening working together to create the vocal. We wrote the lyrics and the main top line our selves prior to her visit, this is what we got her to sing first. we then let her ad-lib over the top on a loop as many times as she wanted, gradually getting more and more into to it we got some really magic sounds from her. we layered some of the takes together which gives it that very Motown style vocal production sound.

Please name three producers you rate and why.
Floating Points – for his rolling floating flowing sound he creates
Four Tet – His incredibly interesting ears for finding sounds
Quincy Jones – for his prolific love for creating music of all kinds including film work.

What is next on your equipment wants list?
TLA Classic EQ
Roland Space echoe

In addition to music making, what do you do for a living?
Together we run the studio in north London. Here we produce other artists and compose music for film. Our biggest client is a London based company called Secret Cinema who make immersive theatre events. We create all live sound design from music to strange crashes bangs and explosions. We also capture all the intimate parts of the shows with hidden mics etc to create post content for the company.

Individually: I (Todd) am a working drummer I tour with several artists. I also have a deep passion for education and reform. I mentor several ex young offenders and teach in a couple of schools around London. Guy does a bit of live sound engineering and offers club remixes for artists.

Have you attended CDR sessions?
We try to go to the Plastic People CDR night as much as possible, it is a great opportunity to hear your new mixes on a great sound system and also network around with the 100’s of other great musicians and producers who come.

Anything else you want to add?
We are brothers, Todd and Guy, two separate people, ha! Was worried that it was a little confusing.

Listen to more of Speakman Sound’s goodness at soundcloud.com/speakmansound and Speakman Sound for Media.

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