Wow what a group of talented people you are! First of all, we want to say apologies to you all for the late announcement of this, but deciding a winner was tough. So tough, that we were trying to see if there was a way to send two people along to Dimensions this year – however unfortunately we just couldn’t do it. 

So onto the winner – Shatter hands. What can we say about this track? Well the resounding screw face from the CDR crew when we played this said it all. It was not the prototypical 110bpm+ tune that we usually go for with Dimension Sounds, and there was something about the impact, the creative use the samples and even its shortness that made us want so much more. So congratulations Mr Shatterhands, we’ll see you at Dimensions Festival.

And a very very special mention also needs to go to Leonov, you were so so close. Again, such a beautiful track – the samples were so excellently used and paired with that moog bass and jazz improv piano bit… well it was just lovely.

As for everyone else who made the cut, you all made superb tracks! And to everyone else, thanks for taking the time to download the samples and create something new. That’s what CDR is all about, creating new music and having fun doing it!

The full shortlist for this years’ release can be found below.

And from the Archives..