Eglo Records Vol.1

When we think back to Alexander Nut, Sam Floating Points and Queen Fatima first crossing paths at CDR and Plastic People sessions, two thoughts come to mind. One, gees time moves first. And two, gees those three cats have created a wealth of brilliance with their Eglo Records.

April 2013 means Eglo will turn four years old, and, judging by past birthday celebrations, they’ll be a memorable party (info below). However, while previous years have had cake, this year’s festivities have a sonic gift. 23 tracks cherry-picked from the label’s releases from EGL001 to now, plus, excitingly, four new exclusives.

Adding to the excellence, the artwork has been designed by regular collaborator, Kay Shin (an-yong!), and Sean Vent Fury’s photos help document the history in the making. And we’ve also got word that there’s a heartfelt foreword from Alex Nut too. Hankies at the ready y’all.

For all the deets on Eglo Volume 1 see/hear.

And! If down in London town do the right thing and reach the Eglo celebrations June 2nd. We’ll see you on the dancefloor.


Watch on: Eglo Records on road (home and away), Summer 2012

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