CDR Present RA Exhange – Resident Advisor | twenty four/seven London

CDR present RA Exchange:

We’re proud to present our collaboration with Resident Advisor on a day’s programme of knowledge exchange, as part of their twenty four/seven party series. Already held in numerous cities all around the world, twenty four/seven’s first ever London edition focuses on rave and club culture in the capital.

We’ll be hosting eight hours of workshops, panel talks and discussions throughout the day; deepening understandings and connections to the music through discourse whilst you take a well-deserved break from the dance floor.

//// Programme \\\\

//// Workshop: EQ:50 with Mantra & DJ Flight \\\\  3PM – 4PM
The first workshop of the day sees Rupture’s Mantra and DJ Flight will be hosting a production surgery. Submit your tracks in the link below, you’ll then have the chance to hear them on a club system and get feedback from two of London’s most revered artists.

//// Workshop: CDR \\\\  4PM – 5PM
CDR head honcho Tony Nwachukwu will be joined by CDR community member Jameson to converse programming, practice and gain insight into his creative process.

//// Art of DJing: Fabio \\\\ 5-PM – 6PM
A masterclass from a true legend of the game. DJ Fabio unpacks his career and what goes into his next-level DJ sets.

//// Booking a party: Meat Free \\\\ 6PM – 7PM
Ever wanted to throw a rave? Truants’ Soraya Brouwer sits down with Meat Free’s Steffi Alatt to discuss the do’s and don’ts of running a techno party.

//// RA Exchange: Gideon \\\\ 7PM – 8PM
Activist, artist and creative mind behind Glastonbury’s Block9, Gideon is a man of many hats. He has stories for days – just as well we’ve got 24 hours…

//// Pirate Radio: El- B & DEBONAIR \\\\ 8PM – 9PM
You know this will have some absolute gems. Horsepower Productions El-B and DEBONAIR discuss all things pirate radio.

//// Panel: The best raves you’ve never heard of \\\\ 9PM – 10PM
Over the years London has seen some pretty wild parties and they’re the ones that everyone knows about. We explore some of the best raves that went under the radar. There were no cameras at these raves, expect the stories to be as raucous as the raves.


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…and especially CDR friends and family we have a special ticket link giving you access to the full music and exchange programme.