Interactive Learning Series

We are excited to announce the CDR Interactive Learning Series, a set of five online workshops for all abilities, from those completely new to production to more experienced producers looking to develop their skills. 


Each workshop will be hosted live on Zoom by either Tony (CDR founder, producer, lecturer) or Mel (CDR Education Lead, music maker, Ableton trainer). Capacity for each workshop is limited to ensure there is opportunity for query raising and discussion. While all of our events are freely available, we ask those who are able to make a donation of £5 or more in support of our work. Your donations will help us to continue to put on events. Sign up for workshops below.


Week 1: Thursday 18th June, 7pm – First Beats with Ableton
Whether you’re completely new to production or are looking to skill up on a different DAW, this masterclass will help get you started with Ableton Live. As well as learning how to program instruments, samples and effects, you’ll be introduced to a variety of workflow tips and tricks.


Week 2: Thursday 2nd July, 7pm – Sample Manipulation
This masterclass will guide you through sampling basics and workflow using Ableton Live’s Simpler. We will explore and discuss some techniques that will help you shape and transform your audio samples as well as some effect based tips and tricks.


Week 3: Thursday 16th July, 7pm – Dynamic Fundamentals
In this masterclass, we will explore the basic concepts and use cases for equalisation (EQ), compression, gating and limiting. We will mainly focus on the use when building tracks and beat making but also consider the impact when finishing when used give your tracks.


Week 4: Thursday 30th July, 7pm – Track Creation Workflow
In this masterclass, we will show you how to build a track from the ground up using Ableton Live. After some initial considerations, we will build the rhythm, bass and melody whilst considering the impact of these elements across an arrangement.


Week 5: Thursday 13th August, 7pm – Sound Design Workflow
So you’re looking for some ways to personalise your productions? This masterclass will help you create, shape and sculpt sounds using Ableton’s Samplers and Synthesisers. All concepts can be transferred to other DAWS and VSTs.


On the Educators:

Tony Nwachukwu

Renowned producer, music consultant and educator specialising in connecting the worlds of music production and learning by creating innovative opportunities with music-focused creative professionals and industry. Tony is Arts Award accredited with 20 years experience working in the youth music sector developing and contributing to music and outreach projects for organisations including The Roundhouse, All Change Arts, Urban Development and The Southbank Centre.


Mel Uye-Parker 
Mel worked as a Secondary School Music teacher, leading on Music Technology for 6 years before leaving to complete an MSc in the Psychology of Education, UCL. She currently works as an Ableton Certified Trainer, helping teachers integrate Ableton Live into their classrooms, and as a lecturer at Point Blank Music School.