Fatima is an old friend of CDR’s and we’re really excited about the release of her fantastic debut album Yellow Memories on Eglo Records, whose founders Alex Nut and Sam Shepherd (Floating Points) first met at our Plastic People sessions.

Originally from Stockholm, the Swedish-Senegalese vocalist came to London in her early twenties packed with bundles of talent and determination. Since then Fatima has worked with an array of high calibre artists in both the UK and the US, including Shafiq Husayn, Dam Funk, Scratcha DVA and Flako.

While the rising star continues to tour around Europe with her band promoting Yellow Memories, Fatima has taken some time to share some of her own CDR memories.

When and where did you first attend CDR? What do you recall?

At Plastic People a few years back. Not sure about the exact time, probably round 2007/2008. I remember Gavin and Tony standing by the DJ booth with CD’s in their hands, typing in tune info and artist names onto this white screen. I remember wondering who was who in the room, the faces behind the music.

How did you hear about CDR?

I think a friend told me about the night and it sounded like a good concept so I went down the basement to find out what it was all about.

Which artists have you collaborated with via CDR sessions?

Well Floating Points was there playing some beats, we got talking and he gave me a beat CD. Fast forward and he invited me to his home to hear some more music and check out his bread-making machine. Sounded like an offer I couldn’t refuse, and the rest is what it is!

Any other noteworthy CDR memories?

Just meeting a lot of nice people down there was a cool thing. I remember bringing a cd once just to hear how it sounded in Plastic’s system and although the track was far from finished and very raw it sounded pretty dope in there still. It was inspiring to hear people’s sounds, whether it’s early stages of tunes or not, getting introduced to new ideas.

Have you a favourite club and/or sound system?

So far, Plastic has always been my favourite. It’s the combination of the darkness and the sound. But then there’s also been legendary nights like Standard, Deviation, plus a whole lotta other parties with good sounds and mad dancers. Eglo did a party the other nite at Corsica Studios, quality sounds there too! I like it when you can get fully emerged in the music and there’s no, or next to no distractions.

When you were much younger, which singers played a big influence on you and made you think – yeah, I’m going to sing and make music.

Not sure if it was one particular artist that made me think ‘I wanna make music’, but I was always surrounded by a lot of good music that influenced me, sang in the choir, mom’s selection, MTV, etc. My first idol was Michael Jackson, then I just loved people like Lauryn Hill, Badu, Brandy, Sade, Whitney Houston.The list is long…

What three words would you use to describe your journey producing your debut album ‘Yellow Memories’?




You’ve collaborated with many talented artists/producers on ‘Yellow Memories’.  Which other producers/musicians out there would you like to work with in the future or maybe already have plans in the pipeline?

Yes! I’ve been blessed to have some amazing producers involved in my project. I’m forever grateful for that fact. Some people I’d love to work with in the future is The Neptunes, Timbaland, D’angelo, Coughee Brothaz, BJ The Chicago Kid, Ronald Isley, Brandy, etc. It’s too many to mention!

Keep tabs on Fatima via her Soundcloud and Website.