With a track recently nominated in the Strawberry Fields X CDR Australia producer project and an upcoming tour of Australia, German-born-Melbourne-based Sean Patrick spins many plates with tours, promotions, club nights, djing and production…

When and where did you first attend CDR? What do you recall?

I attended my first CDR in Berlin with guests Tama Sumo and Lerato (Lakuti). Kerstin (Tama Sumo) was a personal acquaintance of mine whom I met through her amazing sets at Panorama Bar and in the Garden. They spoke a lot about how Berlin developed into its modern day state since the Wall fell. They also spoke about females in the industry and prejudices and their affect on upcoming female talents. They also commented on the duties of promoters to provide a quality setup and sound-system to enable a performer to showcase his skills at the highest level.

How did you hear about CDR?

In Berlin – it was kind of common knowledge and it was something to do like going to a movie or a bar.

How long have you been making music and how would you describe your journey?

I started getting involved with music around 14. I actually started with Hip-Hop and produced some tracks with local friends in Wiesbaden, Germany (my hometown). I actually was a rapper as well and performed on stage for some local events before moving on to house music a few years later…

Have you collaborated with, or hope to, any artists via CDR sessions?

Not at this point as I am more of a back-office person with regards to my involvement in electronic music. I mainly deal with bookings, touring, promoting etc. In Australia I am working for Heads with Tales – a touring company – and running my own events under the moniker “Bend Your Knees“ in Melbourne. Our first party will be in October headlining Massimiliano Pagliara who’s debut tour we are running at Heads with Tales. He is releasing his second album on Live at Robert Johnson in September and we are happy to promote this great piece of production at our show. Also check his latest Slices interview for some gear-porn.

Any other noteworthy CDR memories?
Having one of my tracks played at the last CDR Melbourne that I produced with a very good friend of mine from back home. Jens Mahlstedt, who is an old-school hard techno and trance producer from the early nineties. We met during my college days where he was doing the sound design for our colleges fashion shows and quickly became good friends… To hear our music again made feel at home a little bit.

Have you a favourite club and/or soundsystem?

Clearly Robert Johnson in Offenbach (close to Frankfurt), and Cookies in Berlin. Robert Johnson being the club of my hometown and having a wonderfully clear and warm soundsystem with a thick bass that flows right through your body. It is a Martine Audio system complemented by a Rane Rotary mixer… Cookies Berlin was where I did the bookings until heading for Australia and the soundsystem was a custom built also complemented by a Rane Rotary and obviously the sound of that club has very personal value to me.

Please give a brief (as you set fit) description of your current production set up.

I am focusing more on DJing at the moment but I usually would use Machine, some Junos, Ableton Live and Logic.

Have you a favourite piece of equipment? Something you always return to or at the centre of your studio. Please could you tell us about it? When/where did you pick it up? What makes it special?

Field Recorders. I think recording sounds in cities, nature and other environments just have that special connection that everyone instantly can relate to. A master at this would be Efdemin in my opinion.

Any projects or tracks you’re working on at the moment that you’d like to let us know about?

My record label Slow Motion is gearing up to release our first compilation including music by good friends and very talented artists like Discodromo, Massimiliano Pagliara, Alien Alien, Motorcycle Boy or Fabrizio Mammarella.

Finally, have you any advice or words of warning for producers/musicians developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

Always get more than one reference when listening to your tracks. Shit may sound great on your headphones or private soundsystem, but somewhere else it might rattle and shatter like garbage.

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