World renowned producer and sought after remixer Martin Atjazz’ Iveson takes time out of his busy schedule to sit down and have a little chat with us.

You’ve been releasing records since 1996, with almost 15 years of experience in the music industry, would you say new/emerging artists today have it easier or more difficult compared to back then?

Well, it’s split both ways as I see it, New artists have the ability to get their music into many more places than us old men of the underground music scene had back in the day, but there is so much new music now that more often than not it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack when it comes to finding good new music. With technology moving on so fast now everyone that wants to write music can and with all due respect not all of this music is worthy of worldwide exposure. I live by the rule that quality will always shone through and we all know that some amazing new music has found over the last few years and we have to give it up for CDR/burntprogress for helping these artists get the right entry into the music industry by having their music played alongside their peers.

To many people across the UK and around the world, whether they are artists, or producers, or music lovers, CDR/burntprogress has a special meaning. What does CDR mean to you? What impact has it had on you and why do you think it’s important to have something like CDR?

CDR is something I believe in because I’ve always had a record label throughout my career and I know what it feels like to 1. believe in new artists and music and 2. to see new artists get a buzz from what they do. I’ve seen many people go from doing bedroom productions to releasing full length albums and when it’s great music with great people behind it there’s nothing quite like the feeling knowing you helped make that happen. I guess some of us just want good music to continue so we can always enjoy new experiences in sound, CDR is one if not the first to bring new artists to an environment where artists should be hearing their music.

Have you met and/or worked with any artists through CDR? Are there any artists you have discovered through CDR?

Actually I met Simbad via Tony & Gavin and also Mr. Beatnick, both I’ve worked with and I also discovered Floating Points who I really admire. So yeah, It works!

You have pretty impressive list of people you have worked and collaborated with. Do you prefer working alone or with other people? How do you usually get the inspiration for your music? Is it a straight forward creative process from idea to the finished version?

It’s not that easy, I guess I do like to work with others for sure, it always takes my music to places it would never reach but I do like to work alone, especially in mixdown time. I kind of embody everything I do, It’s the only way I can explain it, I always need to get goosebumps with my own music in order for me to know when it’s ready for the public. I can’t give too many of my secrets away!!

Would you mind sharing what equipment you use for creating music (including the geeky stuff like software versions and model numbers)

Not at all, I use:

Cubase SX v2.2
Mackie / Emu Sound Cards
UAD 1 Effects Card

Fender Rhodes Mk 2
Korg Monopoly
Korg Poly 61
Roland Sh-09
Arp Odyssey Mk2
Teisco Synth 60f x3
Tesico Synth 100f
Roland Alpha Juno 1 + PG300 Programmer
Waldorf XTK
Yamaha CS-15
Akai s612
Yamaha DX7 MK2
Hohner HS/2-E

Genelec Monitors (1030 + Sub)
Tannoy PBM8 MK2
Yamaha NS10’s

Luxmann & Lynn Amplifiers
Akg K240 MK2 Headphones

Yes I actually use all these.

That is a long list! Are you working on any exciting projects or releases at the moment?

I’ve just finished producing 7 songs for the next Robert Owens album alongside Larry Heard and Beanfield. I’ve also had Fred Everything, Boddhi Satva & Osunlade in the studio working on a new project, so yeah, I’ve been really busy also designing a Producer Pack for Loopmasters which is due out in June and I’ve also had a glut of remixes but they’re all finished now so It’s time to think ‘what’s next!’ I also got releases coming on Kolour Recordings (for the Haiti charity) and a new “version” single which is myself and Charles Webster.

One last question, and it might be a bit cheesy but, if you could give aspiring artists out there one single advice, what would that be?

To make sure what you do you love, what you do makes you go wild in silence and to make sure you’re making the music for you and not trying to be something you’re not. Music is a gift and good music that moves us can be so different, let’s all try and be ourselves, although that sounds corny it’s how I get by in what I do. Feel it, do it, be it!

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