Om Unit by Charlie Whatley
Om Unit by Charlie Whatley


Ahead of a guest appearance at our April session we had a little Q+A with Om Unit.

1. You’ve been coming to CDR nights for quite a while now. What are your thoughts on it? Did it move you in some way back then and does it appeal to you nowadays?
I think CDR is really important, for London especially where there isn’t so much of the community vibe, I think it exists almost out of necessity, as you don´t have so much of people “hanging out” making music because of the economic side of living in London, every one is so focused on their own goals. So I think it´s an important social event for studio hermits like me!

2. We knew you as 2tall , now we know you as Om Unit. What made you change your moniker and is 2tall gone for good?
Yes, the 2tall project is over, that was just one phase, now it´s another.

3. You just released The Timps 12″ / Digital release on Civil Music , which we really like. What is your release schedule for 2011, collaborations or perhaps an album in a pipeline?
I am finishing the next record for Civil Music at the moment, and there are remixes coming for Illum Sphere, Starkey, and more on the way… Collabs wise there are 2 or 3 projects I can´t really mention but looking healthy!

4. What is your production set up at the moment? What is your favourite piece of gear to play with?
Just a typical setup really, PC based studio with some outboard gear. Right now I think my favourite piece of gear would be my [Roland] SH-101, it´s really good for basic clean sounds, you have a lot of options to get a basic tone or even something twisted.

5. This Sunday you’ll be playing your discography set at CDR. What will it sound like and what can we expect?
New stuff, old stuff, and some surprises!

Listen to  Om Unit’s discography set from CDR session April 2011 below.


The Mahavishnu Orchestra – Power Of Love (Om Unit’s 5am)
Silent Dust – The Giants (Om Unit remix) (Dub)
Om Unit x Kromestar – (Untitled Dubplate)
Om Unit x Arp 101 – Funkenstein (Dub)
Om Unit – Fibonacci 10 (forthcoming Hoya Hoya)
Om Unit – (Untitled Dub)
Om Unit – The Timps (Civil Music)

Photo above by Charlie Whatley.


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