Introducing The Fearless Few

As long-time supporters of music makers, and with a track record of facilitating and nurturing talent, we here at CDR HQ like nothing more than seeing new projects emerge from within our community. One such project, which has been bubbling for a while, and has recently started making bigger waves is The Fearless Few.

We here at CDR HQ are big fans and think that the collective and the activities that take place within it are something that our community should know about and get involved with. So going forwards, we’ve decided to offer up the platform of the CDR website to members of The Fearless Few who will keep you up to speed on their monthly production challenges and offer you opportunities to take part.

So what is The Fearless Few?

Similar to other crews like LA’s Team Supreme, The Fearless Few is a collective of music makers with an emphasis on strength in numbers, but it is the concept of 180-minute production challenges that sets the increasingly international collective apart.

Designed to combat procrastination, (for example, endless tweaking of tracks that peaked creatively months ago, hesitation to commit to material and move on, never managing to finalise tracks based on the mistaken belief that not enough time has gone into producing them…) the 180-minute challenges tackled monthly by members of the collective drive home the point that an imperfect but finished track created in three hours is far better than a hard drive full of half-finished tracks that might never be heard.

Taking part in a challenge with a 180-minute time limit clearly focuses the mind, but the challenges are not exclusively about finishing tracks; they’re about challenging yourself as a producer. To hone skills – and for the sheer fun of it – members of the crew have remixed Iraqi oud music, built tracks using nothing but found sound from kitchens, composed music for a children’s book promo, scored a scene from a horror script, followed Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, hosted a takeover on Netil Radio, created radio show jingles, and entered and won remix competitions.

Where does CDR fit in?

Although The Fearless Few was born online – allowing for members based outside of the UK to take part – CDR was instrumental in the formation of the collective and its growth too. Founder Michael son of Michael met founding member Sam Holloway AKA Two Silhouettes / GREYFIELD WOODS at a CDR event in Dalston’s now defunct Dance Tunnel, and much of the more recent member recruitment has happened at CDR events at Rye Wax.

If you were to join the collective and find yourself struggling with the 180-minute time limit, you should file your complaint with none other than CDR’s Tony Nwachukwu, who has helped refine the concept, provided general support and opportunities for the collective (e.g. the Sarah Walk Remix competition, which was won by Fearless Few member Living Lars, with MSOM claiming a respectable third place).

Want to get involved?

As mentioned earlier, we will soon be introducing a regular Fearless Few Feature here where members of the collective will share with you the brief for the latest production challenge and the opportunity for you to participate.

Whether you want to progress to membership of the collective is, of course, up to you, but once you’ve completed your first challenge, membership is completely open to you.

Watch this space for the post introducing the next challenge and prepare to complete a track in 180 minutes …