LISTEN TOO: The Room Below Versions

A free-to-download album of Rapping with Paul White remixes, or versions, by The Room Below, aka Henry Keen, aka part of Soundspecies. All played and produced in a terraced house not far from the Old Kent Road, Saaaf London. “UK? OK…”

Featuring the cream of underground MCs from both sides of the Atlantic [Yeah, we’re talking Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Tranqill, and Jehst], Henry picks up on how it came to be, “The project started when I was asked to help record Homeboy Sandman, who’d come over to England to perform at the Worldwide Awards and with Paul [White]. Obviously I loved the instrumental for ‘A Weird Day’ and had the files from recording so I asked Paul if I could do a remix.”

The Room Below Versions. Artwork by Barney Keen

Zip forward three months or so to the projects completion and The Room Below version of ‘A Weird Day’ is a standout track (No.11). Acid claps and a gentle bouncing melody brilliantly underscoring Sandman’s superb story of transatlantic differences,  “The days are the months, I can’t even tell the date here.”

Like most remix projects (short or long), the productions are essentially original material. While it’s funny to hear some excellent melodies, familiar from Rapping With Paul White, twisted into new versions (echoes of echoes!), the original tracks became a starting point, a source of inspiration rather than pieces of a puzzle to rearrange.

Juggling his music making with time working at CM (Community Music), Henry made the album using a Roland Juno 6, Moog Rogue, Altai Analog Delay, Yamaha Organ, Korg MS2000, and Moog Opus 3.

As well as his involvements in Soundspecies and Electric Jalaba, you can also hear him play some records this Sunday at Remote, Basing House, Shoreditch.

The album’s starting point, Rapping With Paul White is available from One-Handed Music. As is Paul’s own remix EP.

Listen on: Trace Henry’s development from the Soundspecies album and EP from 2009. Still sounding strong!