After much deliberation and discussion over the finer details of the excellent samples we’ve received, we’re delighted to announce that Igor Cvitkovic from Zagreb, Croatia is the winner of our #LocalAudio project.

We chose Igor because of his ability to creatively record a sound(s) that are unique to his hometown (Zagreb) and then turn his sounds into useable drum hits that reflected snares, tambourines, closed hi-hats and kicks. We also enjoyed his descriptions, which gave context to his recordings and why he chose them, for example ” A tram door slamming shut in an old tram. There was a legend cruising around the city that this door once cut off a woman’s finger several decades ago.”

Listen to his samples here:

We also wanted to send a big shout out to the following people who submitted excellent sounds and made the decision that much harder.

Filip Šćekić:
We loved Filip’s sampling here, the quality was nice and we really felt as if we had an insight into his home town of Rovinj in Croatia.

John Morgan:
John’s recording was creative, we loved his recordings of the London flash flood and the Dalston night time preacher.

Again Ben’s recording was both creative and of a very high standard, they’ll definitely be fun to work with in phase II of our project.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to this project, there were so many excellent recordings. We are also delighted to be able to announce that not only will all those who contributed be eligible for Dimensions Festival “Friends & Family” discounted tickets, but nearly all samples submitted are going into Phase II of the project – the track production.

Phase II will be announced tomorrow at 10:00am sharp, so stay tuned!

Please message CDR on Soundcloud for details of the discounted tickets.