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  • CDR at Rising Festival 2018

    CDR joins forces with The Roundhouse for another special CDR session and panel discussion for young creatives as part of the Rising Festival 2018. It all takes place as part of the Artist Toolkit Day at YouTube headquarters on Saturday, February 24th. For more Rising Festival information and tickets: Artist Toolkit Day Tickets Roundhouse Rising

  • CDR Collaborations 2018 #1 – Peach Discs with Shanti Celeste

    CDR is proud to announce the first in a series of collaborative sessions in 2018! These sessions will be hosted at various locations with an integrated programme with labels and promoters. First up we have a label insight and production workshop with Shanti Celeste and her label Peach Discs at the Lighthouse in Brighton. There

  • CDR at Loop 2017

    We at CDR is super proud to announce that we will be at Ableton’s Loop this year. Scaling our participation from last year’s session at Prince Charles, we have created a few opportunities for music producer and artists to get involved. Stay+Play We commence with a series of Open CDR DJ sets at Funkhaus, featuring submissions from

  • CDR-WIP-002

    CDR Works In Progress (WIP) our series of streaming only recordings of tracks heard developing at CDR sessions. Each one, a snapshot into the production process, a chance to hear tracks as they evolve before official release (or not…)

  • CDR Preamble – DJ Bone

    We caught up with DJ Bone ahead of his CDR session at Miranda / Ace Hotel How has your music production process evolved over time? I used to be strictly outboard gear/analog but over the years I’ve realized that there were many digital options that would fit perfectly with the way I produce on the

  • Sarah Walk – Wake Me Up – Remix Project

    Sarah Walk – Wake Me Up Remix Project Sarah Walk is a singer songwriter hailing from Minneapolis, recently signed to One Little Indian her debut album ‘Little Black Book’ drops early September. In collaboration with her management Ferocious Talent the CDR community  have the opportunity to produce an official remix her track ‘Walk Me Up’

  • CDR Preamble – Sarah Kivi

    When and where did you first attend CDR? How was your night?   It was exactly a year ago in Berlin at Prince Charles. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and I was very excited for everyone who had their tracks played there, a great chance to hear new material, connect with other producers and enjoy

  • My First CDR..LCAO

    LCAO (Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals) is is a solo project inspired by the writer Primo Levi and, above all, by his work “The Periodic Table”. LCAO is an electro music piece which becomes its own language made from rock guitars, flutes, jazz elements, choirs, timpani, blues roots, harpsichords, songwriters, remixes, violins, David Sylvian, soul phrasings. CDR caught up

  • My First CDR – Michael Mikkelsen

    When and where did you first attend CDR? It must have been five years ago down Plastic People. After a lengthy break from music, leaving aside a fair bit of clubbing (Friday nights at Plastic People were an obvious choice at the time), attending the odd gig and generally spending too much time waiting for

  • CDR Preamble – Jenifa Mayanja

    Ugandan born Jenifa Mayanja has been deeply entrenched in the underground deep house music scene for more than 25 years, staking her claim in New York since the early 90’s. Steadily rising through the ranks, Ms. Mayanja’s profile has maintained an underground buzz that has earned her a revered place as the “first lady of