Paved With Gold title
Paved With Gold title

Paved With Gold – A City Symphonic

History may look back at London’s summers of 2011 and ’12 as two of the most contrasting in the city’s existence, or at least its 21st Century life. From riotous gloom to gold-medal cheer. Back in August 2012 during the post-Olympics buzz, the Tanks at Tate Modern hosted a memorable evening curated by NTS Live and ISYS with audio and visuals made and played by London teens or 20-somethings (mostly). 

The videos from Paved With Gold focus on key components to London’s lure; parks, parties, people. A love poem to a city.

Full 40-min standalone polished version above. Edit of the live happenings in the Tanks below.

Applause from all at CDR to all those who made the event, film and music. Special shouts to NTS Live and CKTRL.

Watch on: CDR’s memorable night at the Tate Britain back in 2009.