Peak Dubstep – Fearless Few Challenge #31

Following on from last month’s introduction of the Fearless Few and their 180-minute music production challenges, here’s your chance to get involved and get your hands properly dirty. Unlike the recently completed Rude Audio remix challenge, which looks set to result in a digital release at some point next year, challenge #31 offers no prize as such. That said, if you fancy having a go, perhaps to convince yourself that you can finish a decent sounding track in 180 minutes or to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of dubstep, then check out Fearless Few member Nuno Gonçalo Correia’s brief for challenge #31 below.



Few underground music scenes can claim to have had an impact on popular music to the same degree as dubstep. Mainstream music has widely co-opted hallmarks of the genre, like the half-tempo beat or the bass drop.

As a feedback cycle of popularity amplified dubstep’s abrasive aspects, the once-underground genre took place in the public consciousness as the musical equivalent of flashy, nervous Hollywood explosion FX-driven films — the well-known wobble bass patch, once the tool for creating a deep, low-end propulsive feel in a dubstep track, became the vehicle for shows of growling macho aggression. All the while, though, the scene brimmed with promise and experimentation.

To this fan’s mind, if “2006 was the year dubstep broke out” [1] and 2009 was the year it began unraveling [2], then 2008 might well have been the year we entered its stylistic peak.

The innovators of the genre grew weary and eventually retreated to other musical styles and influences, where their exploratory instincts were better rewarded, but not without leaving a trail of defining releases on forward-thinking labels like Hessle Audio, Hotflush, Planet Mu or Tectonic.

With 2018 drawing to a close, I didn’t want to let the tenth anniversary of that fleeting moment of PEAK DUBSTEP pass without a challenge to pay it tribute. So, for challenge #31 your goal is to…


The Challenge

Spend no more than three hours producing a track of any genre you’d like, but you must adopt one or more defining aspects of a dubstep track:

  • a half-tempo feel (ie. real tempo is at 70, but beat moves at 140)
  • a wobble bass line
  • a bass drop


Submitting your track

Once you’re done, post a Soundcloud link in the Fearless Few group on Facebook. You are of course also more than welcome to join the group on Facebook and take part in the dialogue surrounding the challenge.

Submissions in by Sunday 16th December 23.59 GMT.