Roll the Dice meets Pole
Roll the Dice meets Pole

Pole met Roll the Dice and made In Dubs

Imagine a dream where Terry Riley (or some of his Mills College contemporaries) made music with a weighty low-end. It may sound something like this EP, In Dubs,  whereby Pole has remixed songs from Roll the Dice’s recent LP, In Dust.

Released last week on The Leaf Label, you can listen to one track, ‘Calling Dub Workers’ here and stream the whole EP at FACT mag. Details on how/where to buy it below.

In case you’re not familiar, Roll the Dice are a Swedish duo (Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon) who, like most acts, should be heard to be understood. To get an idea visit

If yet to know about Pole (Stefan Betke), best visit our video section and

Roll The Dice meets Pole

Roll the Dice meets Pole: In Dubs is available to buy digitally or on 12″ here from The Leaf Label.

 Watch on: Pole talking sense with Tony Nwachukwu at CDR Berlin.