Preamble – Ikonika

As usual, we had a catch up with Ikonika ahead of her session – in conversation with Shy One at Rye Wax on 17th April:


How has your music production process evolved over time? Were you a musician or producer first?

I was actually a drummer first. I used to play in Hardcore and Metal bands from the ages of about 15 to 22. My main band split up while I was at Uni, and from that I learnt music production as a way of continuing my creativity. I was making RnB and Hip-Hop in the vein of producers like J Dilla, The Neptunes, Darkchild and Timbaland. I later moved on to a more UK based sound as my palate developed.


What key changes have you seen in the music industry/bidness during your time making records? Is independent the way to go?

I think if you’re able to do it by yourself then why not. It’s so much easier to self-release on digital platforms these days. I’m actually looking to do this more myself. I’ve already set up and I love the feeling of offering my fans something direct. Nevertheless, I am very lucky to have released on some amazing independent labels like Hyperdub and Night Slugs. I believe those kind of relationships are important as well. They open up your network and get your music out to a larger reach.


Tell us a little about the last track you were working on?

It’s actually a remix of one of my favourite video games growing up. I’m not sure how much I can say about it tbh but it should be on a VGM mixtape.


What piece of studio equipment would you NOT part with – Ever!!

Unfortunately, it’s a plugin. I can’t live without Decapitator rn.


Could you name two or three things that have been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

Mariah Carey – Caution
Mariah Carey – Caution
Mariah Carey – Caution


What can the CDR audiences expect from your time with us?

I hope to give some understanding to my workflow and my techniques, but fundamentally like to demonstrate the simplicity behind my music.


Have you any advice for budding producers and music makers developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

Stop trying to make that part work if it don’t wanna work, it won’t work. Stop wasting your time and delete it or save it for another track.

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