Preamble – Kid Fonque

As per CDR session usual, we had a little catch up with Kid Fonque ahead of his session in Johannesburg tonight:

How has your songwriting and process for producing ideas developed over time?

My production has always been based around samples from my record collection. The changes for me have been about making music that is relevant to whats happening now with the same samples.


What key changes have you seen in the music industry/bidness during your time making records? Is independent the way to go?

100%, with the internet connecting people globally its easy to take out the Majors and connect with your audience directly. Over my 20 years in the music business, I have seen the height of physical sales, the drop and now what we have now with the streaming taking over.


Tell us a little about the last track you were working on?

I have been working hard on my debut album & I have made new versions of older songs, the last tune I finished is a new broken beat version of ‘Bossa Over?’


Who/What has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

I am starting a new label called Stay True Beats representing the SA bet scene the 1st release is from Cape Town beat maker Fernando and the EP has been on High rotation in my life recently.


What can the CDR audiences expect from your time with us?

I am hoping on giving a bit of insight into the SA record business, there are so many guys making incredible independent music in SA and don’t know how a simple contract works, I hope I can give some advice and tips on what to look out for before signing your music over to any labels.


Have you any advice for budding producers and music makers developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

Just do you, don’t try imitate any one else, the best music I have heard is what truly sounds like that person.