Preamble – Tenderlonious

As per CDR session usual, we had a little catch up with Tenderlonious ahead of his session at The Glove That Fits next week:


How has your music production process evolved over time? Were you a musician or producer first?

Producer first. I lacked musicianship in the early days so I made a decision to start learning an instrument. Saxophone was a natural choice because I sampled it so much. Guys like Yusef Lateef, John Klemmer & Sonny Stitt featured a lot in my music back then.


What key changes have you seen in the music industry/bidness during your time making records? Is independent the way to go?

There’s a lot of style over substance going on and it seems to be getting worse, especially with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram. The focus seems to have shifted away from the music and is more about image right now. I prefer to focus on making music instead of worrying about my online presence. I’m fortunate in that I can release records whenever I want, I don’t need to worry about marketing myself online for other record labels/organisations to see.


Tell us a little about the last track you were working on?

Working on a couple remix’s at the moment. Lots of synths & drum machines on rotation.


What piece of studio equipment would you NOT part with – Ever!!

Akai MPC 60


Could you name two or three things that have been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

Gustav Holst – The Planets // Headhunters – Vein Melter // Bernard Herman – Taxi driver


What can the CDR audiences expect from your time with us?

Real talk


Have you any advice for budding producers and music makers developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

Do it for the love!