Audio Insight #1 – Nwachukwu-Wayward Pad


Audio Insight #1 – Wayward Pad by Nwachukwu

This piece of audio is extracted from my recording ‘The Way’ under my NEPA Allstar guise. A combination of a ‘[C15] CS Brass Pad 80’ on my trusted old JV1080 Vintage Synth Expansion Board layered with ‘Fifth Pad’ from a TC Powercore powered Virus and a touch of Logic Pro’s gritty AVerb. Sound familiar? Well, it’s played at the start of every ‘Open CDR’…

As part of ‘Audio / Insights’, ‘Wayward Pad’ is being offered to you to remix for free, as well as re-edit and mashup within your productions under a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike Licence

When you’ve created your magic, don’t wait around! Upload your version to CDR dropbox and do us proud. 

Here it is:

And! Just to remind you…..