AUDIO INSIGHT # 2 – American Men – Tenzin Zopa

Audio / Insight #2 – Tenzin Zopa by American Men 


This is the second episode of BP insight. This piece of audio is called Tenzin Zopa and is made by the exceptional Scottish band called American Men (AM), which is taken from their stellar debut  EP on Lucky Me Records, released in 2010.

American Men were flicking through some myspace pages on the laptop, with a BBC documentary on in the background. The aim was to do something simple, with a rising melody in 5/4 like one of the songs from the Tortoise ‘ Beacons Of Ancestorship’ record. They used the TAL Bassline (a free Roland SH-101 emulator) for the melody, and a straight E-piano sound for chords and tried to pack in lots of parts in a short song. It regionally had chipmunks-style singing but at the end was copped out and replaced it with more TAL.

As part of ‘Audio / Insights’, ‘Tenzin Zopa ‘ is free for you to use for a  remix, re-edit and your creative production use. We are waiting to hear from you.


Here it is:

And the original one here: