CDR AUDIO SHOW 24.07.2015

CDR archive selections as well as works and inspirations from Donalds House and Naise.  


Candido – Thousand Finger Man
Leo Mas & Fabrice – No Light
Tom Mcconnel – Smoke Low
Donalds House – Aquarian Dream
Andi Hanley – Burt
Loui$ – Pink Footpath
Ocean Apart – Fantastic Man
Trusted – The Room Below
Hunee – Folga
Lorenzo – Untitled
DJ Koze – Knee On Belly
DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G – Steel Flanger Mix
Hashman Deejay – Xssential-3
GÖST – Death of a child death of a lover
L.I.E.S – Comeback Dust (Max D’s Big top Dustheads rmx)
House of Doors – Starcave
Heaven and Earth – Prescription Every Night
Reformed Society – Food for Thought
Bell-Towers – Private Time (dub)
Two Sillohuette – Acapella
Photonz – Osiris Resurrected
Tambien – Are You In Touch w/Varan
Group As Salaam – Rich Thair remix