Here is another podcast of the latest CDR session. We have to say again !!! What a Session that was !!!
Big Thanks and Respect goes again to Morgan Zarate for his amazing Discography set & to Kutmah for a mind blowing set too. Not to forget big Thanks to all of you who made it down and made that night so special. Sorry once more to those, who didn’t hear their tracks. We will be playing them out in the next CDR session on the 10th of April. For now enjoy the podcast!
Tracklist – Artist / Title
Bolshoi – Zero
Sixth Sense – Allien Transmissions
Sounder – Untitled
Stick – Cream
Chairman Kato – Fuck This
Nikisun – Thuli’s Lament
Mocato – Vampire
* – 5 AM
Velvet Liberation – Grooveheart
Future Planning Committee – Ntropy
NKC – Radar
Bergs – Xexey
Soundspecies – Submerged